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  • HIGH QUALITY AND SAFE MAGNETIC BUILDING BLOCK SET FOR KIDS. We never use any harmful substances in the production of LETO TG's magnet toys. The ABS plastic is non-toxic and completely safe; the pieces have no sharp edges, and they are durable and long-lasting. You can be sure that neither injuries nor boredom will be an issue with our kids toys!
  • EASY TO BUILD THINGS. Unlike building sets of lower quality, these magnetic construction building blocks are equipped with strong magnets that easily and firmly stick to each other, allowing children to create any object they want. With these magnetic tiles, children can construct their own homes, different types of transport, robots, various 2D plane shapes, 3D geometric structures or models, and plenty of other amazing objects.
  • FUN & EDUCATIONAL. These magnetic stacking toys develop abstract thinking and improve children's motor skills. With this educational toy, you will help your child learn new skills and develop faster - and all this with the most fun and exciting game. Terrific, isn't it? Moreover, magnetic blocks are a great way to keep children busy for long periods of time.

Desire Deluxe construction building block set is a magnet set which allows you to easily build a huge number of 2D plane shapes, and 3D geometric structures or models for playing with. The various combinations of the magnetic construction set blocks help a child to develop their imagination and abstract thinking. 

Plastic magnetic building blocks are also a great choice in terms of improving children's motor skills and cognitive development with regard to color. 

The magnetic toy building set by Desire Deluxe  will also help develop children's social skills; this is a fantastic toy for teamwork. Magnet building blocks teach cooperation and trust; you can play with them by yourself, with friends or with your parents.

A large set of magnetic blocks means a great time for the whole family! Devote some time for your children, playing in a fun and interesting way.

Non-toxic ABS plastic is used when manufacturing. The magnets are sturdy and durable, and they perfectly stick together. All angles of these fun magnet toys are smooth and safe.

Package Include:

26 squares 
2 pairs of wheels
4 hexagons
8 long triangles 
30 equilateral triangles
8 sectors
4 trapezoids
2x 3 times square
4 prisms
6 arcs
1 ferry wheel set
10 plastic squares + 16 letter stickers for them 
Instruction Booklet
Carry/Storage Bag

Desire Deluxe's construction building blocks for boys and girls is a toy that develops and trains your baby in an exciting and fun way. This magnetic tiles building set for kids is needed in every home indeed.