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  • Cute & Hilarious-Emoticons are made to give as direct messages, to make us laugh till we cry without words and to spread emotions right away. That is the purpose of creating our cute soft toys. Place them on your couch and let them draw a smile on your face every time you see them!
  • Reversible Double-sided Flip Design: Rainbow octopus cute plush toy adopts a unique double-sided design, Super soft and easy to flip inside out, Multicolour colors and expressions express your mood easily.
  • Soft Plush- Realistic lovely cute octopus shape plush stuffed toy, with Rainbow colors to meet your kids love for the marine life. Show your happiness with rainbow smile side , or reverse to show your mad mode with sky tired side
  • Unique Gift-Show to the people you love the most your feelings or your feelings about them. Perfect for playing, collecting & cuddling, suitable as a gift for Christmas,Valentines Day, spring Festival and other holidays. We can assure you that nothing yells more "surprise" than our funny octopus soft toy!
  • Excellent Quality-What we care about the most is your maximum satisfaction and there is no other way to achieve that than with products of unmatched quality. That is why, for the production of our stunning emoticon toys we have chosen first class, Plush and PP Cotton. An extra durable combination that offers a luxurious feel!